Who will be the favorites heading into Tokyo 2020?

With the NBA season winding down, and the European league being over, we have a clear image of who will be at Tokyo 2020 for Olympic Basketball. While the top is quite clear cut, we have seen the development of certain countries superstars putting people on notice. The governing body of international basketball FIBA has their own rankings, which uses a point system based on a variety of factors to determine team’s ranks. While certainly useful to distinguish position rankings heading into the Summer Olympic Games, it doesn’t necessarily project into the future of how the teams may do. Let’s…

As you know Tokyo 2020 is coming up , and is on track to be held during these turbulent times. We now know the games will have spectators in attendance, with soon to be more information available. What we do know is there will be some form of a recognizable Olympic and Paralympic atmosphere, just on a much smaller scale. Because of this limitation of regular in person viewership, Tokyo organizers are looking at some ways to bring new engagement to the Olympic and Paralympic games. …


The Tokyo 2020 Games are just over a months away, with the first day of the Olympic Games set for July 23rd. While the messages from politicians and leadership seem promising for those who support the games, there is still the lingering feeling of the unknown. With the 3rd state of emergency in Tokyo set to slowly ease on June 21st, it will be interesting to see if the effects it has had on the recent wave, coupled with the uptick in vaccination will be enough to save the games.

The third state of emergency began on April 29th in…

Team Canada at the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. It ranks 10th in GDP and has been voted as the best country to live in multiple polls. Since it’s for the most part a stable country from at least an economical and political standpoint, things like entertainment and athletics get a tremendous amount of support and focus. There are countless number of world class athletes in all realms of the sporting world that come from Canada, and they do a great job representing the nation.

Despite these support systems and resources in place for athletes however, it is…

What we know so far and the recent developments surrounding vaccination at The Tokyo 2020 Games

Photo via: caricom.org

Late last year when various vaccines for the novel coronavirus began to become an immediate reality, there were some rumblings regarding Tokyo 2020 and what organizers would do. While governments were scrambling to secure their country’s own supplies of the Pfizer, AstraZenica and Moderna vaccines, there were some rumours of the potential that the International Olympic Committee would be vaccinating the games. The question being posed was, “Could the game’s organizers somehow secure enough vaccines for everyone involved and save the games?”

While at a distance and in retrospect, this proposal seems somewhat farfetched, at the times it was a…

This buildup to the Tokyo 2020 (2021*) Games has been nothing like anything we have seen before. With all that has happened surrounding Covid-19, this is really unprecedented. However, while the pandemic and the subsequent delay is of course the biggest story, there are many that have flown under the radar to the general public. Here is some important news regarding some of the national teams surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Games.


Team serving a ban

Probably the most publicized and apparent is the situation regarding Russia’s national team. As you may have heard the Russian national team is currently serving a suspension of two…

Will the Japanese only crowd really impact the results of the Olympics and Paralympics?

So you’ve all probably heard about the decision that was made late last month regarding restricting foreigners at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. After a couple weeks of rumours circulating that a decision had been made internally regarding barring the entry of foreign spectators and volunteers, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee released a statement on their website on March 20th to make it official. The statement essentially summed up their reasons for said decision, while showing ticket buyers a method for a refund.

Crowds at London 2012. Photo via: Youtube.com

While by the time the decision was made public it was hardly a surprise, the…

Some recent updates for volunteer hopefuls

Photo source: SportsMint Media

We all know that the Tokyo 2020 Game’s viability is still in question. There are repeated reassurances given by leaders and organizers that the games will go on, but until the games are actually a full go there will continue to be a shroud of doubt. For athletes, fans and volunteers however, there has been an increased amount of communication as of late, that would suggest that the preparation for the games are fully underway.

Most recently those who are volunteering have received emails regarding a two page leaflet, a pdf of goods that will be provided and a schedule…

The Story of Bill Mather-Brown

I live in a realm of fantasy where I’m alive and free. I live in a world of madness where nobody’s mad but me. If poetry is madness like walking in the rain, I’d rather be happy in madness than only be sad but sane. — Neil Parkinson

Today the Paralympics is a massive international event, drawing in thousands of competitors, and countless spectators worldwide. They have continually shown growth each event, and the delayed Tokyo 2020 games were set to be the biggest yet. There is certainly an air of prestige surrounding the Paralympics now, but for a long…

What the recent visit from the IOC President, Thomas Bach told us about Tokyo’s new image of sterility

It is no secret that the Tokyo 2020 games will have a completely different complexion than any games before it. While the Olympic and Paralympic games change locations every four years, giving us new flavours in the form of cultural differences, the general concepts of the games often remain very much the same: celebration, competition and unity. There are even terms that the IOC and IPC promote to organizers to ensure that the image of the games remains constant. …

Shotaro Honda Moore

A writer living in Japan. Creating articles about the 2020 Tokyo Games. A regular contributor to Junkture Magazine. https://www.junkturemagazine.com

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