How Tokyo 2020 Plans To Keep Volunteers Safe

Some recent updates for volunteer hopefuls

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We all know that the Tokyo 2020 Game’s viability is still in question. There are repeated reassurances given by leaders and organizers that the games will go on, but until the games are actually a full go there will continue to be a shroud of doubt. For athletes, fans and volunteers however, there has been an increased amount of communication as of late, that would suggest that the preparation for the games are fully underway.

Most recently those who are volunteering have received emails regarding a two page leaflet, a pdf of goods that will be provided and a schedule of online seminars. The leaflet and PDF are mainly about ways in which the games will be conducted in a safe manner. While the leaflet is a rather general and nondescript, it does give some insight into some things indirectly. The seminars, which started earlier this month range from sign language lessons, to presentations on health protocols. Here is a quick rundown and links to them below.

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The Leaflet On Safety

As you would expect the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Games are doing their best to ensure that the games can be safely run in 5 months time. They are often echoing sentiments of politicians globally, reminding people of the basics to protect themselves. There are three simple basic rules that are outlined on the leaflet, and they are as followed: wear a mask, wash or disinfect you hands and ensure social distance. Not the most original, but the most obvious. Here is each section summed up in 3 sentences or less.

1). Wear a mask.

A mask must be worn at all times on the premise of any venue while volunteering. There are also a couple of sentences claiming when it is okay to remove your mask, such as when you’re outside, feeling too hot, and able to maintain a distance of two meters away. When you cough, you need to cover your mouth with a handkerchief or your sleeve.

2). Wash or disinfect your hands

While engaged in activities wash your hands frequently. Don’t forget in-between you fingers and under your nails!

3). Ensure social distance

Try to always maintain a 2 meter distance from others, and avoid being face to face as much as possible.

There is another page on the leaflet that talks about other things that may be more telling than simply the basic rules. One such example is that a lunch will still seemingly be served for volunteers. In past years, a free lunch has been given to those volunteering. It wasn’t clear if this was still feasible given the current situation, but this page seems to suggest that there will be a lunch area still.

Below you is the link to view the PDF of the leaflet:

rb1s3z89emfrmugjugfx.pdf (

Goods That Will Be Provided

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Besides sports, another staple at the Olympics and Paralympics, is the countless merchandise that is given out to spectators and volunteers alike. However this year will be slightly different in that, instead of pins, buttons and stationery, it’ll be more along the lines of sanitization products.

Along with the two page leaflet, that briefly mentioned about the products that will be given out to volunteers. There are a few goods, that I will once again break down in three sentences or less.

Two original ASICS masks

A sponsor and the designer of the uniforms for the Tokyo 2020 Games, Japanese company ASICS will be providing each volunteer with two masks that will match the colours of the uniform. More importantly they are made with a cooling material in the fiber and have a PFE (particulate filtration efficiency) of 99%, and 94% after 20 washes.

Portable hand sanitizer

The Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support Center will provide volunteers with a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The thought is that despite countless numbers of sanitizer being available at the venues, you should always have instant access to clean your hands.

Condition management guidelines

This is a essentially a notebook that will allow you to keep track of your physical condition leading up to the games. Things like daily temperature 14 days leading up to your volunteer period, and sleep pattern are among the data that can be recorded.

If you want to check out the PDF for yourself, link below.

PowerPoint プレゼンテーション (

Online Seminar Schedule

Recently a schedule for volunteers has been released about online seminars that will be conducted. These range from sign language courses, to presentations from medical professionals and Olympic/Paralympic history lessons. They are for the most part being conducted in Japanese, and have limited slots, so if you want to partake you’d better register quickly.

Here is a link to the schedule below.

【3月の研修ご案内】ボラサポセミナー2021 | 東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピックボランティア | ボラサポ (

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